We are a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and delays continue to plague companies engaged in global trade, resulting in crippling congestion at ports worldwide. The pandemic has created a shortage of workers and a glut of inbound cargo caused by increased consumer demand. This supply chain disruption has caused frustration and has been costly as businesses are waiting longer for supplies and paying higher prices for workarounds to receive and deliver their goods. And the impacts of inbound delays have trickled down, resulting in reduced capacity and increased delays on outbound cargo as well.

Join us to hear from industry experts who will provide an update on global shipping, discussing the trends in inbound, outbound and global air and ocean cargo, as well as mitigation tips for managing delays and supply chain disruption.

Speakers include:

  • Kristen Morneau, Senior Advisor — Mohawk Global
  • Rich Roche, Vice President, International Transportation — Mohawk Global

Sponsored by the Massachusetts Export Center.

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