Business Opportunities in Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing in Tunisia

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U.S. State Department


Monday, May 6, 2024, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Join U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia Joey Hood and Tunisian Minister of Communication Technologies Ben Neji to learn about investment opportunities in cybersecurity and cloud computing in Tunisia.

Tunisia has made the development of its digital economy one of its top priorities for the coming years, which stands to offer significant commercial opportunities for information and communication technologies (ICT) providers, especially in the cloud and cybersecurity sectors. The government’s recognition of the importance of digital transformation and the associated risks has led to the implementation of initiatives to enhance cybersecurity measures and promote cloud adoption. The establishment of the national agency for cybersecurity (ANSC) through the cybersecurity decree-law, for example, is meant to provide a regulatory framework for security governance policies, training programs, and the certification of cloud providers. This sets the stage for the growth of Tunisia’s cloud and cybersecurity sectors.

The country is preparing to launch its first cloud computing project and create a national data storage space. The ANSC’s certification of cloud providers, including the G-cloud and N-cloud labels, presents opportunities for cloud service providers to cater to government agencies and state-essential organizations.

The increased adoption of digital platforms in Tunisia, while offering long-term success and enhanced connectivity, also brings digital threats, necessitating robust cloud security and cybersecurity solutions. The demand for secure data storage and the need to align the supply chain with rising digital demand may create opportunities for the installation of advanced software-based security infrastructure. Efforts to promote intelligent automation and improved consumer experiences further contribute to the growth prospects of Tunisia’s cybersecurity sector.

We look forward to welcoming any U.S. firms interested in learning more to this Direct Line Program webinar.

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