ESG Factors in M&A Deals

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European American Chamber of Commerce

Trade Commission of Spain, New York, NY

Wed., May 10, 2023, 8:00 am - 10:30 am EDT

ESG as a topic is back in the headlines, the EU, UK and the United States are introducing initiatives and legislation on environmental, social and governance responsibility.

While there may be varying degrees of wishful thinking that ESG ratings may go away, the signs across Europe are pointing in another direction. The ESG discussion and awareness about the related risks is alive and well.

Not only for PE Funds and their portfolio companies but also in M&A deals have ESG related risk factors become a hot topic. Many investors paying increasing attention on sustainability in their investment decisions and actively examining their risk-exposure when acquiring a company.

Markets such as energy and transportation are experiencing a fundamental transformation when it comes to deal-flow and investment. An increasing focus on ESG compliance creates challenges for both buyers and sellers in the positioning, negotiation and conclusion of a deal.

Our panel will offer insights on regulatory developments in the United States and Europe. In addition, the panel will focus on how ESG evaluation and due diligence can be embedded from the get-go by all parties involved in a transaction process.


  • Common challenges around ESG and how its elements are interconnected
  • How does ESG relate to impact finance; and how does impact finance drive M&A deals
  • Update on ESG regulations in Europe and the United States
  • Viewing ESG from a business angle (as an opportunity to manage risk)
  • Creating awareness around ESG risks and responsibilities
  • M&A-transactions: relevance and impact of ESG-factors for sellers and buyers
  • Board responsibilities, Internal oversight
  • Pre-deal preparation, what questions to ask and which experts to bring in during ESG Due Diligence (Hint: Start early)
  • Post-merger integration – ESG as an additional topic to be addressed
  • Eckart Gottschalk, Partner, CMS
  • Bosa Kosoric, Partner, BENNETT JONES
  • John Shire, Shareholder - Co-Chair Health Law and Life Sciences, COZEN O’CONNOR
  • Other speaker(s) will be announced soon.


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