Export Controls at Trade Shows

Event Information

U.S. Commercial Service


Wed., May 24, 2023, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EDT

Part of the ITA's Export Compliance Webinar 10-Part Series

Trade Shows can create a variety of traps for the unwary, from unauthorized transport of demo materials to foreign locations to unauthorized transfer of technical data to foreign trade show visitors and unauthorized interactions with parties subject to U.S. sanctions.

Planning ahead is critical to promoting and marketing products compliantly. The Presentation will review how exports can happen at trade shows and what steps companies can take to stay compliant, including what authorizations are available and how to use them.

This presentation will address:

  • How exports happen at trade shows.
  • When authorization is necessary.
  • Common ITAR and EAR authorizations for trade shows.
  • Economic sanctions and denied party screening.


  • Tahlia Townsend, Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP


  • $30

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