MITA's World Trade Conference

Event Information

Midwest International Trade Association

Tiburon Golf Club & Banquet Facility, Omaha, NE

Thurs., May 18, 2023, 9:15 am - 6:00 pm EDT

Join the Midwest International Trade Association (MITA) at our annual World Trade Conference to recognize the many benefits of international trade and trade relations.

MITA’s World Trade Conference is a one-of-a-kind event in this area that supports companies and professionals involved in international business and global trade. At this year’s Conference, we will address international expansion, development and trade missions at the state level.

Conference attendees will also hear from several speakers on various topics, including trade updates and current international hot topics from industry experts in cyber security, economics, economic development, international trade, and the Small Business Administration. In addition, a panel of experts will discuss international innovation in Nebraska.

Our in-person Conference offers many networking opportunities over coffee and lunch, during breaks, and at the concluding reception hosted by First National Bank of Omaha. Please join MITA as we celebrate the importance of international trade on the region’s economy and network together to share collective expertise on expanding your business.


Bringing the Exports into the Mainstream

  • How the SBA is harnessing domestic lenders to support exports.

Nebraska Department of Economic Development

  • About the Department of Economic Development.
  • Department of Economic trade activities and goals.
  • Grants and trade support.

Leveraging Innovations in Response to Global Trends

  • Innovations and how these are measured.
  • Global Consumer Trends in 2023 and beyond.
  • How can Nebraska businesses leverage innovations in response to these trends.

Internet Highway, No License Required

  • Whaling (effects on the business, local economy, and global ramifications).
  • Financial Fraud Kill Chain (Wire transfer halts and destination offshore accounts).
  • Crypto currency landscape (How is it being utilized to efficiently transport funds legally from illegal schemes).

2023 Sanctions Outlook for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

  • An overview of the latest updates to the constantly expanding export controls and trade sanctions which restrict transactions between US persons and Russia, Belarus and certain regions of Ukraine.
  • Discussion of “red flags” that exporters should be aware of which indicate when bad actors might be trying to divert their goods or services in violation of US law.
  • Overview of potentially available authorizations for transactions with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine related to agriculture, medicine and other humanitarian purposes.

Struggles, Successes and Tips

  • The Preferred Popcorn story.
  • Biggest export struggles.
  • Current successes.
  • Tips for small businesses.

Innovation in Nebraska Panel Discussion

  • Jill O’Donnell, Haggart-Work Director & Professor of Practice, Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Rob Owen, Executive Director, Bio Nebraska
  • Ben Williamson, Managing Director of Grit Road Partners and Managing Director of Invest Nebraska
  • Laurel Oetken, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Greater Omaha Chamber (Moderator)


  • Platinum, Gold and Silver MITA Members - Free
  • Bronze Members - $75
  • Non-Members - $100
  • Students/Retirees - $35

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