Negotiating Supply Chain Agreements Under the New U.S.-China Trade Sanctions

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Tues., May 16, 2023, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Conducting Due Diligence, Certifying Regions of Origin, Limiting Financial Risks and Delivery Delays

This CLE webinar will examine how counsel negotiating current supply chain agreements should address the restrictions imposed by the recent U.S.-China trade law restrictions.

The panel will focus on how the U.S. government's forced labor import ban affects companies from apparel vendors to solar panel makers; the newest rules expanding U.S. export controls targeting China; and new limits on the use of goods and services from China for U.S. Government contracts.


  1. UFLPA and Forced Labor Import Ban
    1. Common pitfalls and challenges
    2. Due diligence and compliance measure best practices
  2. Semiconductor and supercomputer rules targeting China
    1. Identification of items subject to new rule
    2. EAR licensing strategies
    3. Documentation for continued trade
  3. Supply chain agreements with Chinese companies
    1. Key risk areas that should be proactively addressed
    2. Other end-user risks (Entity List/Military End Use Rule)
  4. NDAA
    1. New restrictions for sourcing goods and services from China for U.S. government contracts
    2. Timeline for implementation and context

The panel will address these and other key issues:

  • What are the immediate due diligence steps and compliance measures that every company should consider in light of the UFLPA?
  • What are key risk areas that should be proactively addressed when entering into a supply agreement with a Chinese party?
  • How should companies manage U.S. export controls targeting the semiconductor and supercomputer sections in China, including potential licensing strategies?
  • What are some other restrictions that are on the horizon, particularly for U.S. government contracts?


  • $297

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