USMCA & NAFTA: Origin Verification Audits Implemented by Mexico Customs

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International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA)


Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT

Customs authorities from the United States, Canada and Mexico continue implementing origin verification audits to goods imported into the NAFTA region with preferential treatment based on a NAFTA certificate of origin.

They are permitted to go back five years in the records, which means that even though NAFTA expired on June 30, 2020, customs has until June 30, 2025 to audit those files. In addition, they have started auditing origin of the goods under the USMCA.

In the case of audits implemented by Mexico Customs, they are focused on high value operations due to the fact that they are a good target for government revenue.  Unfortunately, these audits can be a real headache for U.S. or Canadian companies mainly because of the different legal system, culture, language, etc. This results in the majority of the Mexico Customs rulings being ultimately unfavorable for the companies involved.

The information to be presented includes guidance on how to prepare your company for a NAFTA or USMCA origin audit from Mexico Customs.  Also, we will review Mexican proceedings and legal remedies available to challenge an unfavorable NAFTA or USMCA origin denial determination.

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