World Trade Facts


A Summary of World Trade Month 2022

May is World Trade Month (WTM), providing an opportunity to recognize the importance of international trade to the U.S. economy and to encourage businesses to begin or expand their export efforts.

The theme for World Trade Month 2022 was "Overcoming Challenges; Unleashing Growth", and the success of the month proves why that is happening:

  • There were 101 different WTM events posted on our events calendar.
  • More than 10,000 people registered for one or more of those events.
  • We estimate there 23,000 registrations to those 101 events.

According to our survey of WTM participants:

  • 62.8% attended three or more WTM events.
  • 64.6% rated the events "Great"—the top choice.
  • 95.5% enjoyed receiving the email newsletter with the WTM Fact of the Day.

Our favorite quotes from survey respondents:

  • "Love it! Can't wait until next year!"
  • "Great product for the international community. THANK YOU!"
  • "It was a wonderful resource. I look forward to next May!"
  • "Really impressed with the program, content and having the opportunity to choose from many different topics of interest."

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