You’re Invited to World Trade Month 2022

“Overcoming Challenges; Unleashing Growth.” That’s the theme for World Trade Month 2022, and if you’re involved in international trade, I suspect you agree that the theme is spot on. The last year has been marked with supply chain woes, international conflict and economic upheaval. At first glance that all looks like bad news, but amid challenging times, U.S. trade soared. Imports and exports were higher than ever, because the lingering pandemic led to a spike in consumer demand for goods.

World Trade Month couldn’t come at a better time. (It begins in May.) It’s a month that’s focused on helping importers and exporters, both new and experienced, learn more about various aspects of international trade and navigate times just like these. Federal agencies, state trade offices, area chambers of commerce, World Trade Centers, trade associations and other public and private organizations participate, hosting dozens of events, many of them free and online.

World Trade Month Highlights

You can sign up now for this year’s kickoff event: An International Trade Status Report. The free webinar is Monday, May 3 at 1 pm EDT, 12 p.m. CDT, 11 a.m. MDT and 10 a.m. PDT.

Helen Mann will review the state of global trade and economic growth since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. During the one-hour webinar, she’ll talk about what happened to the economy in the United States and abroad, how trade has rebounded since the initial pandemic slump and what the future holds for importers and exporters.

Some of the other free webinars include:

And those are just a small selection of the free events! Check the calendar page for more webinars.

Throughout May, on this blog, we’ll also publish a fact-of-the-day about international trade. Sign up to get updates, so you don’t miss any, and we’ll notify you as new events are added to the calendar. (If your organization has an event you’d like included on the calendar, you can submit it here. Submissions are subject to review and approval by the World Trade Month Association. There is no charge for the listing.)